Canada and U.S. Support a Greater Soccer Following

9 years ago Jeffrey 1

In a recent article entitled “Promotors have high hopes for FB Edmonton,” Curtis Stock mentions that “…Instead of the other way around, we are bringing the European concept to Edmonton, ‘It’s never been done before.'” – Curtis is directly referring to the soccer ceiling that Canada currently experiences, and their initiative to promote an elite soccer force out of Edmonton. Using Joe Petrone (Alberta Canadian Soccer Player) as a prime example, he implies his absence from the World Cup is tragic. The article promotes a higher level of soccer status out of Canada. In tandem, the U.S. is currently attempting a bid at hosting the 2018 World Cup, hoping to drive more attention to the glorified European sport.

The overall pursuit of a greater soccer following in the Americas has caused an eruption of recent news. Moreover, efforts by some reputable figures are already underway for the 2018 bid. Counselor to President Bill Clinton, Doug Band, has officially accepted an request to join the Board of Directors for the USA Bid Committee in its effort to bring the FIFA World Cup™ to the United States in 2018 or 2022. This is demonstrative of a rally cry, one that has yet to be heard by a greater soccer audience.

The game of soccer is respected greatly throughout Europe because it’s caught in the crosshairs of early tradition and culture. Variations of the game date back to over 3000 years ago.[1].

The World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world.[2] It’s with this simple fact that we must revive the once heavy pounding heartbeat of fútbol in the U.S./Canada by hosting the event on American Grounds. The U.S. is home to some of the largest arenas and has the ability to house enormous numbers as they did back in 1994, which is enough reason to host such a widely viewed event.