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Soccerly News

Soccerly News

The young enemy of football

4 years ago Jeffrey 0
The majority of the 34 victims of the bombing in a soccer stadium in Baghdad, Iraq were teenagers. The young players and as well as the fans of football are always considered the future of the game. But in every department of life, there is always the enemy, ones that opposes the good, and this Read More

Trophy Manager – Free Online Football Club Management Game

8 years ago Jeffrey 1
I personally believe Trophy Manager is the current best Online Football Club Management Game. I have let my Hattrick account expired for Trophy Manager. Trophy Manager is better and a bit more realistic than Hattrick. If you don’t know what this game is about, it’s basically acting like a team manager or a coach. You Read More

Why Did Wayne Rooney Sign a New Contract?

10 years ago Jeffrey 0
Wayne Rooney signed a new contract with Manchester United for another five (5) years. This latest development was in contrast to the news the past days about him leaving Manchester United that made a buzz in the whole of football world. So why did Rooney, the ogre look-alike sign a new contract? Read More

Special Thanks to our Webhost

10 years ago Jeffrey 0
Soccerly would like to give its utmost respect and gratitude to CorrectHost for providing the hosting. Fast server and quick support when this site needed one. Quick, like in less than 60 minutes, response is already in the email inbox. Thank you! Read More

Live Soccer Score Page

10 years ago Jeffrey 0
Soccerly have launched its own soccer live score. Please see it here or click the link above: Soccer Live Score. Read More

My Goalkeeper Injury: Ruptured Middle Finger

12 years ago Jeffrey 11
I got my right middle finger injured in a football (soccer) training match last Sunday November 16 against a team of Koreans who were really good. It was a preparation for an upcoming tournament that would cover for about 4 months. I was the goalkeeper, it’s my fave position. The Koreans were awarded a freekick, Read More

What an Amazing 6 year old Football Whiz Kid

12 years ago Jeffrey 3
He is better than Rhain Davis in skills in my opinion. If he continues to work hard, and grow taller. At least 5′ 8 and above. He can do wonders in Europe. But i can’t get his name. The comments on tv are French, i dont know know 99.99%  of the French language. If you Read More

Banana Didn’t Work, I got Cramps!

12 years ago Jeffrey 0
I had a futsal scrimmage today Sunday. About an hour before our futsal game, i ate a banana. Banana will reduce or prevent cramps from occurring during an athletic activity. We also did some drills and stretching. Stretching will also prevent cramps. But darn, i had cramps. Was so painful. My team mates helped me Read More

My Improving Goalkeeping Skills

12 years ago Jeffrey 0
I only started playing as a goalkeeper competetively at age 34, last year 2007. I was a football reject during high school. I applied for the school varsity in the third and fourth year respectively – twice, and twice rejected by the gay coach,  Yes, he was rumored to be gay. My good looks could Read More