My Goalkeeper Injury: Ruptured Middle Finger

12 years ago Jeffrey 11

I got my right middle finger injured in a football (soccer) training match last Sunday November 16 against a team of Koreans who were really good. It was a preparation for an upcoming tournament that would cover for about 4 months.

I was the goalkeeper, it’s my fave position. The Koreans were awarded a freekick, the kicker kicked the ball directly to the goal, but i managed to catch the ball, straight to my hands. It hit my middle finger i fumbled a bit. Overall seemed like a perfect catch. But I did not feel any intense pain, it was bearable. The pain is still tolerable even up to now. Although it “looks” painful to others. See photos, dont look if you have a faint heart.

I went to see a doctor 4 days later. The doctor is an orthopedic, specializes in sports medicine. He said I ruptured a tendon or something like that. Forgot the full word. No bones were broken.

The doctor will assess on December 3 if my finger will surgery or not, hopefully it will not go further to surgery.

My “broken” middle finger.
Broken finger

My cast finger.
Cast finger