My Improving Goalkeeping Skills

12 years ago Jeffrey 0

I only started playing as a goalkeeper competetively at age 34, last year 2007. I was a football reject during high school. I applied for the school varsity in the third and fourth year respectively – twice, and twice rejected by the gay coach,  Yes, he was rumored to be gay. My good looks could not match my football skills. If i was good at both, I could have been accepted. Hahaha.

On my first competitive play guarding the goalposts, i conceded 8 goals in a single match. It was a 7-a side one day tournament. I lost count of how many goals i conceded on that dreadful day. Probably it was more than 15 goals.

Then on my first futsal tournament, last year December 7, 2007. I let in 4 goals, and 4 other goals in  another game. There were two of us goalies alternating. The other goalie conceded 5 goals in total, and i 8 goals. He was better than me obviously. Hehe.

This year i joined two futsal one day tournaments. I conceded 2 goals on my first game. In total 8 goals. There was still an improvement, i conceded 3 goals at most in a single game.

My second futsal tournament this year held on August 2008. I conceded 3 goals in 4 games. Yehaaa! Although i also give credit to my teammates. It was a better lineup than the previous tournaments.

My other secret in my improvement is not on how the way i guarded the goalposts. It was SHOUTING at the defenders! I don’t leave any opposing players open. Keep shouting at my teammates. Do not hesitate!

This is me conceding a goal. (The ball is at the right side of my teammate in blue.)
Futsal Goalkeeper