Zoran Tosic

11 years ago Jeffrey 1

Zoran Tosic is one of the players signed by Manchester United this January 2009 transfer window. Tosic is from Serbia, and used to play for Partizan.

Zoran Tosic is good at freekick. In my opinion he is better at it than Cristiano Ronaldo.

He had 14 goals in 49 appearances for Partizan. In his debut for Manu, he was a substitute for Ronaldo in an FA match against Tottenham.

He also a member of Serbian national football team.

Quick Profile:
Birthdate: April 28, 1987
Birthplace: Zrenjanin, Serbia
Height: 1.71m or 5′ 7.5″
Position: Winger
Joined United: 02 January 2 200